4 Reasons To Embrace The New Digital Marketing Tools

Educating Patients Is the Key to Success

As the CEO of a national medical marketing agency who is also a patient – I am a breast cancer survivor and have benefited from other wonderful advances including LASIK Surgery. My experience on both sides of the fence has given me a unique perspective.

As a patient, I’ve experienced first hand how difficult it can be to quickly grasp complex medical terminology and the anxiety that can surface when you’re trying to evaluate the pros and cons of how to proceed with a challenging diagnosis.

Even when the procedure is elective and offers obvious benefits, many patients still tend to have a fear of the unknown. The medical world can be intimidating. It’s often difficult for patients to fully comprehend how significantly a procedure can change their lives for the better.

That’s where the power of the new digital world comes into play. Digital communication tools, especially the new animated medical videos that can be delivered right to a hand-held digital device, are the new paradigm. They have the potential to transform medical marketing. Want to know how these dynamic new tools can enhance your practice? Here are four ways. (more…)

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