4 Reasons To Embrace The New Digital Marketing Tools

Educating Patients Is the Key to Success

As the CEO of a national medical marketing agency who is also a patient – I am a breast cancer survivor and have benefited from other wonderful advances including LASIK Surgery. My experience on both sides of the fence has given me a unique perspective.

As a patient, I’ve experienced first hand how difficult it can be to quickly grasp complex medical terminology and the anxiety that can surface when you’re trying to evaluate the pros and cons of how to proceed with a challenging diagnosis.

Even when the procedure is elective and offers obvious benefits, many patients still tend to have a fear of the unknown. The medical world can be intimidating. It’s often difficult for patients to fully comprehend how significantly a procedure can change their lives for the better.

That’s where the power of the new digital world comes into play. Digital communication tools, especially the new animated medical videos that can be delivered right to a hand-held digital device, are the new paradigm. They have the potential to transform medical marketing. Want to know how these dynamic new tools can enhance your practice? Here are four ways.

1. Communication is the key to success.
Effective communication is paramount in helping patients better understand both the benefits and risks of a procedure. But in today’s economy, it can be difficult to spend sufficient time making sure patients are properly educated. As we all know, time is money. Every medical practice in the country is looking for ways to cut and streamline.

Either you or your staff may have spent precious minutes taking the time to repeat the same information over and over again. It can be tedious and it’s not a very efficient way to run your practice. Plus, many practices report staff burn out when there is the repetitious cycle of explaining multiple times a day the same procedure to patients. There’s also no guarantee that the information being delivered is the same each time, especially at the end of a long, hectic and busy day. So, are you losing revenues from an environment based on more of the same?

2. Educated patients are more satisfied patients.

During a short consult, patients are bombarded with information. Yes, they may be listening, but are they truly understanding what they are hearing? I can assure you many of them are not, they are literally overwhelmed. Comprehension suffers when patients feel inundated with excessive, rapid verbal explanation, medical and consent forms, and lots of questions, it’s just too much information all at once. Many patients may find it a challenge to understand or retain what the doctor or the staff is telling them.

Lack of understanding can lead to uncertainty. Patients may be so busy trying to comprehend the information that they miss the benefits. And when they miss the value of the procedure, or they still have questions about what will happen, patients will be hesitant to make a decision in your favor.

3. Most people are visual l earners.
Seeing is believing. Learning is sometimes best when accompanied by both auditory and visual information. A well done animated medical video that breaks down complex information into a simple to understand format engages patients; it can calm their fears, answer their questions and allow them to clearly observe what to expect step by step.

Giving patients the opportunity to watch and listen to a simulated medical procedure can cut through the confusion. It takes away the mystery and the unknown. In effect, it is an ideal “digital consult.”

There is another benefit. If some part of the message is not understood, the video can be repeated as many time as needed – while continuing to deliver the same, consistent top-quality information – information that has been customized for your practice.

4. Greater patient understanding enhances your practice.
Knowledge is power. Giving your patients the information they need to make the decision that is right for them is also the right approach for your practice. Educated patients who are comfortable and confident about the procedure are much more likely to say yes.

The bottom line is, a great patient liaison who is wonderful with the patients and an animated medical simulation that helps dispel any indecision or doubt can translate into higher conversion rates. Isn’t it time to use an effective marketing communication tool that directly links to your bottom line?

For over 20 year, I’ve been focused on helping medical practices identify inefficiencies and streamline business practices, while ramping up their marketing efforts to increase patient visits and boost revenue. Digital communication is an exciting new medium that can pave the way for new opportunities to enhance and grow your practice.

Let us help you generate higher patient volumes, better educated patients, extremely satisfied patients, referring patients and significantly higher revenues by placing your individual, customized procedures in beautifully animated 3-D, HD, patient friendly digital formats designed to be used on today’s tablets. You will enjoy the many benefits that come as a result of stepping into the digital world of medicine.

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