Client Testimonials

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Dina Owens

Refractive Surgery Manager, Mann Eye Institute

We began using this app a few weeks ago and it has given me the opportunity to make my consultation faster and more efficient. This allows me to spend more time with my patient outside of my office explaining their scans and walking them through their pre-op visit. The feedback from my patients has been extraordinary. They are impressed with the graphics and how the app easily explains the procedure.

I feel fortunate to work with a practice that believes in breakthrough technology as well as patient education.”


Matthew Martin

Ophthalmic Consultant, Mann Eye Institute

The introduction of the AMP app to our practice has been fantastic. The simple user interface is easy enough for anyone to use allowing us to train our new employees much faster. Patients will always fear what they don’t understand and this tool effectively takes away that fear by painting a clear and simple picture of what our practice can do to help them.

“I’m very thankful to be part of a forward thinking practice who allows us to use this fantastic app.”


Polly Moreau

Counselor, Mann Eye Institute

Integrating the AMP iPad into my consultations has been very positive. The patients love it!

“It’s best to show it to the patient at the beginning of the screening while they are not dilated, however, it’s still been well-received even after they have been dilated. I always ask the patients what the think of the presentation and so far, I have received 100% positive answers. It speeds up the consultation because it’s direct, informative and for the most part, leaves my job to book surgery. There have been a few times that I have brought it into the exam room when a patient has had a longer than usual wait time.

Overall, ‘Iris’ (as I call my AMP iPad) has been a great tool in the consultations and has been very helpful. The information is informative, interesting and the visuals are great!”


Robert Lee Goodman

CEO & Chief ImpleMentor, CEO Resource LLC

As a business consultant, I am totally impressed by the Animated Medical Procedures program- the new medical practice marketing and patient education tool for the iPad from AMP LLC – and what it can do for virtually all my medical practice clients.

What’s not to love? AMP streamlines all the presentations for all the procedures that are offered by each practice; it provides all of our sales consultants with a uniform story and personalized presentation that lets them greatly improve their individual productivity while they increase their close rate and reduce physician involvement; it provides high resolution animations for our every procedure in a simplified presentation format that really educates and mentally prepares our patients – which gets us signed consent agreements faster.

All of those benefits add together to give my medical practice clients these key results: higher revenues, higher profits, more scalable growth for their practice while greatly reducing litigation risks. All of that translates to a more established and profitable practice that will be worth more to each of them when my clients want to retire.

Considering those benefits along with the low price tag and the quick payback, I don’t care how fast technology will inevitably change. AMP makes sense to buy today and implement office-wide ASAP.