Why AMP?

Medical Centers Specializing In Elective Surgeries:
There’s an app for that!

If you operate a medical center that specializes in elective surgery, your office and your staff probably have a problem. You are faced with the tedious repetition of stepping each prospective patient through each detailed phase of the process for any given elective surgery.

Since introducing AMP into their sales process, Mann Eye Institute sales consultants have increased their elective surgery presentations, on average, from 11 per day to 19 per day — a 73% increase in productivity!

The Challenge:
With each new patient consultation, you need…

  1. patients to thoroughly understand the procedure so it calms their fears and apprehension.
  2. your presenting staff member or sales consultant to represent your practice with the very highest standards—even when they are giving the same presentation for the tenth time each day.
  3. to ensure the patient truly understands the issues and risk factors of the procedure—and that the patient, with absolute certainty signs any necessary liability waivers that your particular practice requires.
  4. easy-to-use and understandable technology that conveys your unique practice with panache and professionalism—and helps your staff close the sale.

The Solution:
AMP for iPad

How would you like cost-effective solutions for these kinds of tedious tasks that must be done right—multiple times a day? Solutions that not only improve revenue but also increase patient satisfaction and limit your medical liability?

The AMP app—from Animated Medical Procedures, LLC—is individually tailored to your practice for each of your elective surgeries and runs on Apple’s revolutionary iPad devices. AMP provides medical center professionals with a fully credentialed, easy to use means of simultaneously increasing marketing effectiveness and improving medical liability risk management.

The standard AMP platform includes:

  1. A welcome page that is unique to your practice, services and people.
  2. Full-color, digital animated videos representing each elective surgery or pathology clearly and accurately.
  3. Cost and financing details plus calls to action specifically designed to close the sale.
  4. Peace of mind—for you and your patients—that comes from knowing you specific procedures have been accurately conveyed.

In addition to the standard AMP app, fully-customized new animations can be created just for you so that AMP includes the breadth of your practice. All the Power of AMP for your practice—on a standard iPad. Now there really is an app for that!