AMP Case Study

Since introducing AMP into their sales process, Mann Eye Institute is reporting a significant increase in their sales-to-prospects ratio. Their sales consultants have increased their elective surgery presentations, on average, from 11 per day to 19 per day. 

IMAGINE how this incredible 73% increase in productivity for each sales consultant can help your staff sell your practice to more potential patients on a daily basis. The tedious, repetitive process of explaining every elective surgery to every potential patient is replaced by a dynamic, informative presentation, professionally displayed on an easy-to-use iPad.

IMAGINE the time savings for your staff—and especially for you and each of the physicians at your practice or medical center.

IMAGINE the increased understanding—and the decreased apprehension—your patients would feel by watching this kind of animation and by listening to this kind of automated narration, before they decide on moving forward with your recommended elective surgery.

IMAGINE how many incremental “YES” decisions will be made by your patients each month, and each year, who watch and listen to your individualized AMP presentation.

Compare the Power of AMP to your current technology—and the in-house marketing approach—you are now using in your practice or medical center.

Now, IMAGINE the positive impact the Power of AMP can have on your revenue.

How soon are you imagining the Power of AMP being used by your staff and sales consultants to increase productivity AND revenues? With practice operating margins being squeezed by ever-increasing costs, government regulation and Medicare and insurance company cram-downs, medical practices and centers MUST, more effectively and efficiently, improve their marketing and their sales of elective surgeries.

AMP helps you do both—immediately.