The AMP Process

Our Deliverables

Immediately after we receive your order, our staff will expedite the following implementation plan to customize AMP to your practice:

  • Telephone consultations with you and your team members to identify and solve your biggest issues that are interfering with you closing more sales—issues that can be addressed and solved with animated marketing.
  • We will take that information and develop drafts of both the scripts and storyboards for each of the recommended animations that are designed to specifically showcase and explain your unique approach to your patients and your procedures.
  • Everything we develop for your app will be designed to successfully convey your patient-focused information and culture in ways that enhance the image of your practice or medical center.
  • Once we receive your approval of our preliminary scripts and storyboards, we will begin working on your specific set of animations that will be tailored to your practice.
  • During this process, we will be requesting your feedback on each of the major components of your customized app.
  • Once we’ve completed each animated medical procedure and other marketing collateral, along with a rough voice over of the script for each animation, we will meet or teleconference with you and your team to discuss any changes that may be needed for final approval.
  • We then implement the changes, and once we receive your final approval of each animation, final, professional voice over will be added to that animation.
  • Once all animations are completed, we will install your AMP app on a customized iPad and deliver it to your office, where one of our team members will train you and your staff on how to best use your new marketing tool.

Depending on our backlog, the above process typically takes four to eight weeks from the date of contract—so the sooner we get started, the quicker your practice or medical center can start seeing all the benefits of your own, fully-customized AMP!